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7 Course Vegetarian Tasting Menu at Fera, Claridges


Fera at Claridges by the celebrated Chef Simon Rogan, offers a wonderful 7 course vegetarian tasting menu. The menu is fresh, innovative and light – experimenting with seasonal ingredients to create quite a varied vegetarian menu. My husband and I chose the tasting menu as the 3 course a la carte menu lacked variety for vegetarians. For £95 a head I have high expectations, and whilst these were met with respect to the food and the presentation of it; I was disappointed with the service.

Pea flour wafers-herbs and flowers 1Grilled Salad-grilled over embers 2Simon Rogan had put so much thought into the combination of flavours and textures that I wanted to take my time and savour each flavour, pause to enjoy the incredible wine and every now and then absorb the features of the art deco dining room, before moving on to the next course. Instead I felt like I was being rushed through my meal and at each course I was presented with a new waiter. The merry-go-round of waiters removed the personal touch, the intimacy and the consistency of our meal – to be honest it was simply distracting!

Whilst the food was outstanding and definitely a treat; I missed the personal, warm touch that would make me feel special and make me remember each course for days to come.

The Menu

Millet pudding with lovage

Seaweed, golden beetroot, horseradish

Tunworth and potato

Swede dumplings, Isle of Mull cheese and Wiltshire truffle

Fresh curds, radish, pickled kohlrabi and apple

Grilled Brussel sprouts, dill crème fraiches, broccoli, chestnut

Roasted red cabbage, violet mustard, onion chestnut mushrooms, balsamic

Purple sprouting chervil root, onion, mustard

Chocolate malt nitro, prune and dandelion

Pumpkin, gingerbread and fig leaf yoghurt

Fera, 49 Brook St, London, W1K 4HR, +442071078888

(Photos courtesy of Claridges)

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