About Meera Shah


Travellers’ Places is a luxury food and travel blog catered for the chic vegetarian traveller who wants to indulge in the true culture and cuisines of the world, without having to compromise on the luxuries that make for an enjoyable holiday or experience. Travellers’ Places has a global focus, encompassing luxury hotels and spas, innovative restaurants and off the beaten track experiences.

Travellers’ Places was born in 2010, after I lived in Milan for two years and food hopped my way through Italy. With family spread across London, South Africa, Kenya and India, travel has been a part of my life from a very young age. Studying in Barcelona, living in Milan and working in Istanbul have been defining moments in my life and have exposed me to different cultures, languages and cuisines. I now spend most of my time between Africa, UK and India. I understand how frustrating it can be to be a vegetarian traveller who does not want to miss out and most certainly does not want to end up in a stereotypical vegetarian hang out when abroad. Through Travellers’ Places I share a trusted perspective on leading hotels, restaurants, spas and cultural experiences.

Get in touch and share some of your favourite places at meera@travellersplaces.com or through twitter @travellerstweet.

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