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I was hoping for a quiet Sunday afternoon in Istanbul. Somehow I managed to get stuck amongst a political protest of 1000 students marching down Istikal street. Luckily I came across a bistro, that to my surprise once I entered was also a book  shop. Upon entering Ada I felt like I was on another street in a different city, and far far away from the political mayhem a metre outside the doors of this stylish modern book shop come bistro.

A perfect place for a single traveler, a kitap club (book club), friends catching up, or a family out for a Sunday brunch.

The food at Ada is great, especially if you have had enough of mezze and kebabs! I had a delicious vegetable noodles dish.

Note that the majority of books are in Turkish. So if you are looking to pick up a book to read, I suggest you go a few doors down to Robinson Crusoe 389 and pick up a book on Turkey in original language, and enjoy it at Ada.

What better way to spend a sunday afternoon, reading a good book whilst enjoying an Anatolian wine, eating some international food and relaxing against the back drop of jazz. Ada is all about the full experience, don’t just go there for the food or just the books. Enjoy both and you will not want to leave until you have finished your book!

Ada, Istikal Cd No: 158-A, Beyoglu, 00902122514728, Istanbul

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