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Bungalo Eight: New York? London? No. Mumbai, India


Why are we stopping at Bungalo Eight? I am on a mission to buy sarees for my cousin’s wedding, I really don’t want to stop at a club! And I can’t believe Carrie’s Sex and the City Bungalo Eighthas opened in Mumbai!

Unlike the name suggests the Mumbai Bungalo Eight is not a club, but instead a chic and eclectic  designer store, spread over three floors in a 19th century building next to Wankhede stadium in Colaba.

In a city inundated with malls and shops that are cluttered with goods, Bungalo Eight is a very refreshing museum of merchandise. To call Bungalo Eight a shop or a store is an understatement.

From the outside one could easily miss it. From the minute you enter you really question where in the world are you? As two steps back onto the street you are surrounded by the  Colaba mayhem, worlds apart from this avant garde home.

In fact Bungalo Eight reminded me of the chicness of 10 Corso Como in Milan, the earthiness of  Anthropologie in New York and the layout of  some of my favourite boutiques in Paris. Individual items are a real mix of East meets West: high quality Indian artisan products with a Western elegance.

The three very unique floors of this 4000sq ft building are divided into: living & dining, sleeping and dressing. Every item on each floor is unique, inspired by tradition and  hand picked from different parts of India and East Asia.

Though it is the collection of these individual items that makes each one look so good you are compelled to buy it. When you take the individual goods out of the perfect lighting,  the soft Norah Jones music and the 19th century tall ceiling building with rustic walls, it can look some what different in your rather simple home.

Its like buying a Valentino bag and then wearing Clarks shoes. You have to have the whole package for it to look great!

Bungalo Eight is all about the experience, absorbing what Mumbai modern new age artists are up to. Though some what expensive, especially for Mumbai standards, I highly recommend you check out this beautifully thought out unconventional space.

Bungalow 8, 8, Carmichael Road, Vasant Vihar, 0091 22 2351 6103, Mumbai – India

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