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Freedom Cafe, Durban – A pleasant suprise


Don’t you just love it when you stumble upon something that you almost never expected? In our search for an Indian restaurant in Durban, one wrong turn here, another wrong turn there, we came across something that looked some what like a cafe. Had it not been for the food photographer, carefully arranging and rearranging food creations to get the picture perfect photo, we probably would have walked straight pass this little gem.

Neil Roake, author of the cook book “Shiny Happy People”, has created an inspiring and uplifting cafe: Freedom.


It is one of those places that draws you in slowly. First we were intrigued by the food photographer and the wonderful display of cakes on the planks of wood outside the cafe. A few steps later we discovered a converted freight container which was jazzed up and carefully created into a modern cafe.

This then lead us on to the small yet very cute garden, at the end of which was the open kitchen where we could see Neil himself cooking up some delicious dishes.

As much as we wanted Indian food, Freedom has a character that one can not escape. Once you enter the garden you almost feel part of the set up, as if  you had personally been invited to Neil’s kitchen. The atmosphere is fresh and informal. This newly opened cafe gives you a sense of a start up, and if like me you love food then Freedom gives you so much inspiration to start up your own kitchen!

If you have time on your hands Freedom is a perfect place to sit back, sip a cup of tea and just watch Neil’s assistants creatively work their way around the kitchen. And you will have to sit back for quite a while; in the true slow food culture way. It is totally worth the wait. Fresh ingredients prepared with passion and displayed creatively. I had a red pepper and paprika soup. Simple, but by far the best red pepper and paprika soup I have ever had. The menu is contemporary – perfect for a light yet filling lunch.

If you are looking for a place to stay near Florida Road I highly recommend The Concierge which is in front of Freedom. The hotel carries on the boutique feel of the cafe.


You feel secluded and in a special place, yet only a few roads away from Florida Road. Both Freedom and The Concierge are slightly above average Durban prices; but that is the price you pay for an intimate setting with careful attention to design.

Freedom Cafe, 36 Campbell Avenue, Greyville, 0027313094453, Durban – South Africa

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