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Maida Vale’s Lebanese Gem – Amoul’s


 “Amouls breakfast combined with Foul Moudammas will be the perfect introduction to my mother’s home cooked breakfast,” Amoul’s daughter tells me before she greets, what looks like a regular couple asking for the usual. It is so rare to go to a restaurant and feel at home not only because of the ambience but the warmth and comfort of the food; food just like your mother or grandmother would have cooked.

Amoul’s is special and that’s why this charming restaurant attracts loyal regulars who want a dollop of Labneh (strained cow’s yoghurt cheese), a healthy sprinkling of Sumac  and a generous portion of Lebanese flat bread with their fried eggs. Forget a side of baked beans – Amoul serves a delicious Foul Moudammas: boiled Fava beans marinated with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and lemon. All the ingredients are organic and the food is freshly prepared by Amoul herself who comes from Marjeoune, South Lebanon.

The only downside is that the Sunday brunch closes at 13.30 – so if you are a late riser, Amoul’s Sunday breakfast is worth waking up early for! I look forward to going back to Amoul’s and trying her evening menu – perhaps the first Lebanese menu in London where I have seen my favourite super grain Freekeh feature. Naturally, Amoul has added her touch by cooking the Freekeh with figs and serving it with Bulgarian feta cheese and caramelised onions.

Amoul’s, 14 Formosa Street, London, W9 1EE, +442072866386

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