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Palet, Ankara: There is always room for desert…


Number 1 rule for doing business in Turkey: make sure you have 1 to 2 cups of chai on a customer visit and never say no to being fed every 1.5 hours! Before 2pm I was already on my third food stop and I was quite simply stuffed from all the food and getting quite worried about my no gym all about food lifestyle!

But then I was taken to Palet, a Turkish patisserie and my eyes and palette took over. Unlike traditional Turkish patisseries that bring  serious thoughts of guilt due to the very visible sugar and butter dripping out of the numerous delights, Palet has a touch of European elegance in its presentation that some how works the sweets into a piece of art that you quite simply can not say no to.

Though tempted by the baklavas, cakes, pastries, rice puddings and ice creams…I managed to resist and instead opted for a selection of Palet’s chocolates.  My favourite: a fresh cherry soaked in some sort of spirit and spices, coated in rich dark chocolate. Without being too unprofessional I slipped back into my chair and enjoyed the bursts of juice coming out of the cherry. Just delicious.

Palet,  Horosan Sokak No: 2 Gaziosmanpaşa,  0090312 437 20 21, Ankara – Turkey

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