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Saklikoy, Istanbul: A perfect city escape


A Perfect City Escape

“Istanbul’s number one problem: choc traffic” says every single taxi driver in this over crowded city. As beautiful as Istanbul is, there is only so much traffic and people I can take at any one point in time. Just one hour away from the city lies a tranquil retreat, Saklikoy, in the district of Beykoz.

Saklikoy is the perfect place for anyone who wants to escape the city, indulge in nature and excellent organic food, and quite simply chill out! Saklikoy has all the activities under the sun; from horse riding to swimming to a make believe medieval dinner village.

What impressed me most about Saklikoy was the food. For breakfast I enjoyed a homemade muselli with dried figs, walnuts, raisons and apricots; followed by a spread of cheeses, olives, salads and freshly baked breads.

Whilst at Saklikoy I was lucky enough to experience probably the best barbeque I have ever had. Normally a barbeque not hosted by myself is limited to some veggie burgers, vegetable skewers and one or two salads. Not a Saklikoy! I felt like the barbeque was designed with me in mind. An endless table of Turkish salads both hot and cold, fresh vegetables cooked in various sauces, cheeses after cheeses, fresh brown bread with olives. My favourite Turkish dish kisir (Turkish Tabbouleh) was by far the highlight! Each dish was fresh, made with organic ingredients and most importantly both pleasing to the eye and even tastier for my tongue.

I came back to Istanbul feeling really rejuvenated and relaxed. Having breakfast at my hotel in Istanbul was very much a disappointment. Perhaps I was too spoilt with the organic food at Saklikoy.

Like all great places, you pay for what you get. I was lucky enough to get treated to my experience at Saklikoy. Judging from the crowd, the exclusiveness of the place and the extensive activities,  I expect the prices to be above your average hotel prices.

Villa Saklıköy, Göksu Evleri No:A15/a , 00900216 465 17 87, Beykoz – Istanbul

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