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Your Next Holiday Is Just A Couple of Clicks Away with Sheradill


Summer is over and Instagram photos are transitioning from those perfect holiday shots to every day life – featuring the latest super food. I am already thinking about my next holiday, a short weekend break would do just fine. Luxury cannot be compromised but my budget is front of mind. In comes Sheradill, making the most of the fact that most of us are spending every spare second of our time on one of 4 social media platforms. Sheradill, a product of HIP Hotels (the collection of highly individual places) is a new innovative web based app that in a matter of a few clicks allows you to book a luxury accommodation at seriously cheap prices. Expect truly unique hotels from a remote ancient monastery in Umbria, a hotel on a par with a 007 film location in Marmaris, or a private villa on a wild Greek island.


How does it work? Login to the site and browse through the available hotels on offer (note that they are restricted to specific dates, and range from 2 days, a long weekend and sometimes a longer trip). Choose your favourite hotel, note the price of the package and then complete some basic tasks and have fun watching the price of the holiday fall. I tried this on a hotel in Florence. I started off at approximately 380 Euros for 2 nights accommodation at Soprarno Suites. After completing tasks mostly involving promoting the hotel on my social media platforms and spending some time on their website, I earnt enough credits to see the price of the accommodation drop to 50 Euros within minutes – not bad for a stylish HIP hotel!

If you are looking for a short break, can be flexible on your dates and can spare literally 3 minutes to promote the hotel then you will find yourself going on more holidays than you had planned.

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